Yakov’s Gas Station – introducing Flex

Last year I started a column at Java Developers Journal about a Java programmer who bought a gas station and is trying to find the best tools for automation of this small business. In the sixth article of this series I introduce Adobe Flex for writing a GUI part of my Java application. Below are the links to all these articles.

gas station 1– Small Business Solutions, July 2005
gas station 2 – Dealing with Open Source Software, September 2005
gas station 3 – Web Frameworks and IDE in Java, October 2005
gas station 4 – Hangover thoughts about Web and Ajax, December 2005
gas station 5 – Look mom, no applications servers, look MOM!,April 2006
gas station 6 – Creating a flashy monitoring application, November 2006

Yours truly,
Yakov, a proud gas station owner