Working on New and Legacy topics in the same time.

This very long weekend I was working on my presentations for upcoming Flex symposium in New York City. I have two topics there that should have been called “Future of Mobile Computing” and “Bread-and-Butter techniques for Adobe Platform”.

In first I will be talking how Android platform changes the way mobile software will be developed and how to make Adobe AIR “platform independent” approach work seamlessly with native platform ones. Part of the second is how to give another lease on life to good old PDFs with AIR applications. Comparing those two I can not help thinking how close the old and new technologies are. Moreover, how much AIR is currently in need in native technologies for integration and extension as oppose to portability.

It has been quite a ride in hacking for me – but now I am more optimistic that AIR on Android can become very usable in the very near future. Moreover, Android is very usable as complementary platform for current mobile workers.

I will beef up demos between now and Friday, but it is definitely worth a look of IT managers – the platform is ready to start development for real world projects.


One thought on “Working on New and Legacy topics in the same time.

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