Will Adobe take care of American students?

I wonder if Adobe knows that there are (still) CS students in the USA? I was pleased to learn about the Adobe Developer Olympiad in India, but what about our kids? I’m sure that leftovers of USA computer science convicts are capable of writing a Flex applications too. Let alone a 50000 rupees prize, which is about $1000USD! For this cash, an average American student can get 2000 cans of Budweiser (if purchased in one of these wholesale clubs in bulk quantities).

Earlier this year I was reading about Adobe’s ambassador program …in Canada.

Hello, Adobe! We are right here waiving with Star-Spangler Banner!

I spend one evening a week teaching Adobe Flex at New York University, and will run another class in April. I hope some other colleges have Flex in their programs too. Would love to hear from Adobe about their efforts on promoting Flex in American colleges.

Yakov Fain

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  1. Hi Yacov,

    We have done developer contests and/or student oriented contests in the US and Canada and Australia already. Now our India team is doing one. I am sure over the next year you will see more such programs in North America, Europe, Asia….

    The nature of these programs is that they are done by the regional team, not by “Corporate”.


  2. Hi David,

    Thank you for responding. I wonder if regional teams have published the info about these US and Australia students’ contests online?


  3. We’re working closely with the education team to expand the Adobe Ambassador program to the US. We should be ready for next September. Your school will likely be one of the first ones, because of the class that you’re running there.

    Also, there *is* a contest for US students already – Its called the Adobe Design Achievement Awards. http://www.adobe.com/education/adaa/ has more information. The category “Interactive and Web Design” handles entries for Adobe Flex. Winners get $5,000 and a trip to San Francisco, among other prizes.

    We’re just now developing an overall plan with the education team to promote Flex in US schools. We should have something more concrete to share with you in the new year.


  4. Mike, I’ll wait till next year, but I’d like to see Adobe acting more aggressively to win sudents’ minds. Learn from Sun Microsystems.

    BTW, I teach at NYU School of continuous and professional studies and my students are not kids, but working programmers.

  5. UK based developers would also like to be considered. We’re still waiting for our own Flex derby :-)

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