Where Adobe hides $100M?

I’m sure, lots of small companies around the world got goose bumps after hearing this loud announcement that Adobe offers $100M in venture capital for making killer apps for Apollo. MAX excitement is over, and let’s get down to business. To put it simple, “Show me the money”.

We at Farata Systems have some ideas of useful applications that we could have developed should we had more time and resources. Typically, to get funding, you need to put up a business plan together and show it to someone. To whom? Anyone knows the URL or any other means of claiming a slice of this Rich (as in $100M) Internet Application Pie?



4 thoughts on “Where Adobe hides $100M?

  1. Hi Yakov, Victor and Anatole,

    You are correct. This is being run by Adobe Ventures, our VC group and indeed they do usually expect a pretty well thought out business plan, and on top of the usually that there are other backers of the concept as well. I am sure they will have a website up with contact info at some point soon, but in the meantime if you email me directly I will forward to them and make the introduction.


  2. Is this investement funding directed toward US companies only ? If not I’d appreciate a contact/or contact info.


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