We are teaching yet another Flex Developers bootcamp in 10 days

We are teaching yet another one-day Flex bootcamp on Sunday, June 24 as a part of the SOA World conference. No prior knowledge of Flex is required, but you should understand object-oriented programming and XML. This is pretty intensive hand-on learning (attendees bring and use their laptops), but at the end of the day you’ll have a pretty good understanding of what Flex is about, what are the challenges of developing enterprise applications in Flex. You’ll also get familiar with some Eclipse plugins that can turn your Flex/Java project into rapid application development environment.
We’ve taught this bootcamp earlier this year, and we’ll teach it again in several other cities across the USA later this year. If you’d like to join us, Sys-Con gave me a little something – just enter yakovspecial as the coupon code to get $50 discount.

If you have to jump-start a new Flex-Java project, this seminar will definitely help you.

Yakov Fain