We’ll help with your Flex problem, and you pay whatever you feel is fair

We’re proud to announce  a new consulting service by Farata Systems:

We suggest a solution to your Flex problem within two business days. You pay us after that whatever you feel is fair.


Here’s how it works:

1. You contact us explaining the issue your enterprise Flex RIA is facing.

2. We analyze your issue and within two business days suggest a solution to your problem.  Most likely we’ll either need to review your code or will ask for a test application that reproduces the issue you’re having.

3. We’ll send you a link to pay for the service with an empty field “Amount”. You enter the amount and pay whatever you feel is fair. No matter what amount you are going to enter (including $0), we’ll take it, no questions asked.


This offer is valid only to enterprise teams working on Flex/Java projects. This is not an offer for fix bugs of every software developer working with Flex .


Why have we decided to announce this new service? Well, technically it’s not new. Pretty often we are presented with a problem by a perspective client, then we spend some time finding the proper remedy, present it to the requester, which pretty often turns into a new contract. It just seemed the right thing to explicitly offer this service when many project managers may not even know that there is an affordable solution to their problem.


Too good to be true? Try it. Fill out the Contact Us form at faratasystems.com. New clients only.

2 thoughts on “We’ll help with your Flex problem, and you pay whatever you feel is fair

    • PG,
      Everything is fine, I wanted to do this for a long time – allow people to get independent point of view and provide us with feedback of it’s value. I think it is better deal for everyone. I have been to few places that practice this model – alternative health care providers and restaurants and it works (for the good ones).


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