Watch the video of ClearBI, the first Web reporter for Flex and Ajax

Today, we have released ClearBI 1.0, a Web reporter and business intelligence engine for rich Internet applications. While ClearBI 1.0 is targeted for Adobe Flex and Java developers, the upcoming ClearBI 1.1 is a rich reporting component that can be used with any AJAX application.

ClearBI 1.0 is available in two versions: ClearBI Plugin and ClearBI End-User:

• ClearBI Plugin allows a software developer create and customize a new report in Eclipse IDE. This report can be integrated into any Flex application by including an extra MXML file and recompiling the main application. The end users will be able to work with the report (sorting, filtering, grouping, export to Microsoft Excel, et al.), but won’t be able to save this customized report. This version comes with Clear Data Builder a code generator, and is offered at $799 per seat.

• ClearBI End-User version has all the functionality of the plugin version, and also allows the end users create reports from the universe of the data fields without need to install any software other than Flash Player. The end users create, customize and save reports in the centralized database server without any help from the IT department.
The End-User version is offered as a server license and is priced on a per server CPU basis.

You can develop, save and view reports in Eclipse using ClearBI Plugin:

ClearBI End-User version allows end users to customize and save their reports right from the Web browser using additional toolbar. No software other than a Web browser and Flash Player has to be installed on the users’ computers.

ClearBI designer allows you to specify styling, filtering, sorting, groupings, create formulas and more.

Both versions support report export to Microsoft Excel from Internet Explorer.

The next version of ClearBI 1.1 (currently in Beta) will support connectivity of this Flex component with the server-side Java using improved OpenAMF communication protocol, which may present an interest to the organizations that do not have Adobe LiveCycle Data Services. ClearBI 1.1 will also become a reporting solution for AJAX developers. We were able to decouple ClearBI from the data source. For example, this pre-recorded video shows how you can create a Web application that uses ClearBI 1.1 with a data feed provided by a Web service.

If you’d like to play with CLearBI on your own, point your browser at . Either repeat the report customization that I did or try to explore ClearBI on your own. You can download the documentation for ClearBI ( the  previous version of ClearBI) at .


Yakov Fain