Upcoming Flex Teaching engagements

Out of all my Flex-related work, teaching is my most enjoyable activity. This is an extract of upcoming confirmed public Flex training classes that I’ll be involved with in Spring-Summer ’07.

On April 12, I’m starting my Flex hands-on Intro class at New York University that consists of five weekly evening sessions. I taught such a class last November, and in my opinion, it’s the most efficient way of learning Flex programming – students have a week for self-studies between the sessions, and then in class they get answers for some not so obvious programming concepts.
Beside this one, my partner Victor and I will be running a series of intensive one-day Flex workshops across the country. First, we ran such workshop as a part of the AjaxWorld conference last month in New York City. We’ve received very positive feedback and were invited to re-run this class in various cities across the USA. This hands-on-bring-your-laptop class consists of two parts – during the first 4 hours you’ll learn the basics of Flex, and after lunch you’ll be learning how to use Flex with the server side programs (we use Tomcat and MySQL Server database). This workshop is geared toward busy enterprise developers and managers, who can’t afford taking a week off for training but need a jump start for their upcoming Flex projects.
These are the dates/cities for this one-day workshop:
June 24, New York, NY
July 23, Washington D.C.
August 27, Austin, TX,
September 23, Santa Clara, CA,
October 15, Minneapolis, MN
Farata Systems also offers this workshop, but at a slower pace as a two-days deal – let me know if you’d like to run it at your site.

During the same period I’ll be running a couple of Adobe Certified training classes, but these are for enterprise clients of Farata Systems and they are not available for general public.
See you in class,
Yakov Fain

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Flex Teaching engagements

  1. Can we have one in Boston please? We promise not to start any Yankee vs. Red Sox arguments. We’ll be very good.

    I’m currently reading your book – I really like it so far.

  2. Hi, Yakov,

    I have just purchased the “Flex & Java” book; it’s excellent. One question, where can I download the example source code in the book? Please advise! Thanks.


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