Upcoming Conference Appearances

February 9, 2007, New York. Software engineers of Farata Systems present on several conferences every year during which they enjoy learning from others and share their accomplishments. Below are confirmed presentations for the Spring of 2007.

1. EclipseCon 2007, March 5-8, San Jose, CA.
Anatole Tartakovsky will present on Rapid Application Development of Rich Internet Applications with Eclipse plugins.

2. Flex 360, March 5-7, Santa Clara, CA.
Anatole Tartakovsky will present on Using Flex for Business Intelligence and will demo a number of Flex Builder plugins.

3. AJAXWorld 2007, March 18, New York, NY.
Yakov Fain and Victor Rasputnis will run a one-day hands-on Flex bootcamp. During this event we’ll be also paticipate in a book signing event for our new book on RIA Development with Adobe Flex and Java .

4. SOAWorld Conference, June 25-27, New York, NY.
Yakov Fain will present on “SOA, RIA and the Human Factor“.

Please feel free to contact us either before, or during the conference for any formal or informal disscussions.

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