Time to Write a new Book: Enterprise HTML5 and Going Mobile

Yesterday, I was talking to my business partners (and former co-authors) about writing a new book. So far, the working title of the book is “Enterprise HTML5 and Going Mobile”.  The first part is about technologies and techniques used for the desktop Web clients, and the second one is about moving the Web content to mobile devices. No enterprise IT shop will be able to escape the “going mobile” project. In this book we’ll explain different approaches (with and without JavaScript frameworks) to creating desktop and mobile Web sites and applications while developing  various versions of a sample Web site “Save the Children”. Below is the current version of TOC:

Enterprise HTML5 and Going Mobile

Part 1. HTML5 On The Desktop

Chapter 1. What’s HTML5?
Chapter 2. The Web Site “Save The Children”: UI Design and Specification
Chapter 3. JavaScript Basics
Chapter 4. JavaScript Objects and Functions
Chapter 5. JavaScript in the Browser
Chapter 6. JSON
Chapter 7. AJAX
Chapter 8. Websockets
Chapter 9. Intro to JQuery Framework
Chapter 10. Intro to Ext JS Framework
Chapter 11. Test-Driven Development with JavaScript
Chapter 12. Save The Children: Working with the Data on the server
Chapter 13. Securing Web Applications

Part 2. Going Mobile

Chapter 14. Responsive Design: One Site Fits All
Chapter 15. Intro to JQuery Mobile framework
Chapter 16. Save The Children. Take 1.
Chapter 17. Intro to Sencha Touch framework
Chapter 18. Save The Children. Take 2.
Chapter 19. Accessing Native API with PhoneGap


We may include another chapter on going cloud.
Did we miss any subjects useful for the enterprise developers? Your feedback is appreciated.


Yakov Fain

5 thoughts on “Time to Write a new Book: Enterprise HTML5 and Going Mobile

  1. So you guys are moving away entirely from Apache Flex? If so, that is a shame. You’ll be missed.

  2. I think it’s will be nice to have sass, compass and css topics. As well as new features that give html5 for mobile and which are implemented something like geolocation

  3. I’d buy that book. Maybe include a chapter on MVC in Ext JS (especially controllers). Thanks!

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