Time for “VMWare” on iP(ad)(hone)?

I am very concerned by Apple’s stance on application platform control at this point. They are at the point when the competition is actually caught up technologically and in the price segment with Android. In my opinion, their next step should be to promote VMs on iPad platform thus allowing better hardware AND choice for enterprises. That would really drive iPad acceptance by enterprises as it would allow clean separation of business and consumer functions. I would argue it is needed to allow Apple to sustain the price war and command a higher price without really driving the quality of the hardware in the ground.

How long can you keep the lock on the platform? My 11 year old son rooted his iPhone 4 within a week after getting it, so did all his classmates. And he is probably one of the most loyal Apple fans I know with most of his toys running on OSX platform.

So far virtualization of iPhones and iPads was not practical – those were underpowered devices built for a very short lifespan. Android on iPhone 3 performs really bad, but it is almost usable on iPhone 4. With iPad 2 and iPhone 5 we can expect 2+ years of service before being forced to replace these devices, which is enough for the enterprises to consider them as viable business tools.

For the first time in the last 3 years I am unloading Apple stock – almost all of it – as I believe that their current strategy is slowing the long lasting success. There is the point when the pride of job well done turns to hubris and Apple is crossing that line.


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  1. If you don’t like apple kit then you don’t have to buy it – please stop complaining all the time!!!! Just get a pc if you are the kind of scumbag that is likely to do so.

  2. Few points:
    1. Freedom of speech is not something people from former Soviet Union take lightly – it has great value in forming opinions and ideas, changing policies and letting others know how people feel. Censorship is a crime in my books.
    2. I have all kinds of devices – ALL generations of iPhones and iPads as well as few Android phones and tablets. It is part of my job to develop applications on those devices and advise clients what is feasible and what is not.
    3. I have been using Apple development tools for the last 20 years (from NeXT times) – however I do have different VMs on the top of Apple hardware. Without VMs I would not be able to use the hardware for most of my development and testing, as well as my clients would not be able to use it for day-to-day tasks.
    4. Quality of Apple hardware did decline on quite a few devices I am using – number of kernel panic issues on my MacBook Pro is through the roof compared to the previous models. I am doing most of my work on 3 years old Mac Pro that is way more solid. The problem is unavailability Pro models as they are getting marginalized in consumer models – to the point of the same product. I would much rather have Pro lines reestablished.
    5. When reading reviews people do read complains first for a reason – how important the issue is to them. Issue of low RAM in IOS devices is never in the press, along with systematic under-clocking of CPU for sake of battery life. This blog is not for consumer but for developers. If they think implications are important they will adjust their expectations for it – and it is one of the biggest parts of any successful project.
    Scumbag Anatole Tartakovsky

  3. Hi Anatole,

    I agree, I am a huge fan of apple, but they have misread the market, resulting in people ‘rooting’ their devices to get what they want.

    Have you checked out OpenPlug’s Elips Studio. It is a Eclipse plugin that helps convert Flex projects into native IOS apps for iPhone, iPAd etc.
    Link : http://www.openplug.com/products/elips-studio

    I am in the process of evaluating it…

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