The Flex seminar in Boston starts next week

Next week, we are running a two-day Flex seminar in Boston. This is one of a kind public event that’s not offered by anyone else. Here’s what makes this event special:

1.    It covers a carefully selected set of topics that are a must to know for anyone responsible of the success of an enterprise Flex project.

2.    The curriculum has been created by practitioners working on real-world Flex/Java enterprise project during the last 3.5 years.

3.    This seminar is delivered by top-notch Flex professionals, certified Adobe Flex instructors and book authors Yakov Fain and Dr. Victor Rasputnis.

4.    This is a small-size event and each of you will have a chance to discuss things that bother you in your current Flex project. We don’t promise and immediate solution, but you can count on getting an honest opinion of an expert in this field.

5.    If you already completed any other training or played with Flex on your own, this seminar is a good next step in your education.

6.    We usually teach this seminar for our private enterprise customers, and we are planning to teach it publicly only one more time this year.

7.    The format of the seminar is a mix of lectures, code reviews and demos. Each participant will receive all the presentation materials used during the seminar.

8.    Last time, Torbjörn Nodin flew to the US all the way from Sweden just to attend this event. This is what he wrote afterward:

If you are considering RIA – be there! If you are considering Silverlight – be there! If you are considering Flex – be there! Even if you have to fly 10h over sea – be there! I did, and it was worth it all.

This time we’ll have one attendee coming from Great Britain.

And all this for less than $600 – readers of this blog get $100 off the price by entering discount code crisisdiscount (for new registrations only).

You still have a couple of more days to decide and book your flight to Boston. For more details and registration visit this Web page: .