Testing Flex RIAs: The Aftermath

On August 12, I participated Farata’s symposium for Enterprise developers for the second time. But unlike the first time, I was on the other side of the barricades. I presented my research in the field of functional testing of Flex-based RIAs. Since my previous preso at NJFlex user group, I  figured out how to include automatic functional testing in enterprise application development life cycle.

In these presentations, I demonstrated what a Flex developer needs to know to prepare his or her  application or even a single component to painless UAT or QA testing. Using the tool FlexMonkey form GorillaLogic I demonstrated the basic concepts of interaction with Flex Automation API and components instrumentation. And for dessert, I showed how to automatically run functional and unit tests  on each code commit to the version control system. The screenshot above is an illustration of what I was talking about – instrumentation of components, introduction to FlexMonkey – an open source Flex-enabled testing tool, and Jenkins – one of the best open source continuous integration servers. The entire enterprise RIA development cycle was sampled.

Stop! Why am I trying to write the transcript of my preso?

If you missed the event, you still can download my presentation slides from here. Find the sample source code here. And ask your testing-related (or not) questions in the comments to this post.


Vik Gamov