Three Advanced Flex events minus three rejections

Yesterday, my colleague and I received notifications from Adobe MAX organizers that started with words “We regret to inform you…we were forced to make difficult decisions, which topics would be of most interest to our attendees”.

The following three out of five submitted proposals were rejected:
1.    Flex Design Patterns that Make Sense
2.    Occasionally-Connected applications with AIR and  BlazeDS
3.    Partitioning Flex Enterprise Applications

At this time, we haven’t received the responses for two more submissions:

1. Starting new Enterprise Flex Project
2. Improving Performance in Flex applications

None of these presentations is about marketecture – just heavy duty technical stuff from people who are actually using Flex in the real-world projects.

Of course, MAX organizers had to make difficult decisions. Of course, they wanted to ensure that engineers from Adobe could share with the Flex crowd the latest solutions and techniques.  I don’t have a quarrel with that. But don’t they think that people who paid thousands of dollars to attend this interesting event were entitled to hear some advanced stuff from practitioners? Apparently not. Expect to see 100-level talks like “How to use Flex Builder debugger” or “FlexUnit Crash Course”.

I want to make myself clear – I’m not complaining. Adobe can run their shows the way they want. It was my fault – I made the wrong assumptions expecting to see a selection process similar to JavaOne, where plenty of non-Sun employees get a chance to have a shot based on the technical merits of their presentation proposals.

No biggies. Now I know that it’s Adobe’s show, and I won’t bother with paper submissions in the future.
What’s left? It’s elementary, Watson! We’ll keep running our small-scale seminars and symposiums for those who want to learn from our experience and share theirs.

Having said that, here’s the three upcoming events that we’ve scheduled:
1.    Second Annual Enterprise Flex Symposium, August 7, New York City: . We haven’t published session descriptions yet, but expect to see most of the rejected by MAX presentations and more. If you’d like to present at this technical  no-fluff  event, please send me an email at yfain at

2.     Advanced Flex 2-day workshop in Toronto, Canada is scheduled for July 23—24. Details at

3.    Advanced Flex 2-day workshop in London, UK is scheduled for September 24—25:

Besides these events, I’ll make a presentation on occasionally connected AIR applications at AJAXWorld in New York City on June 23 , and on design patterns that make sense at CFUnited in Virginia on August 14:

I also try to do my best to attend 360flex conferences made by developers and for developers .

Yours truly,
Yakov Fain