Podcast: an interview to the RIARevolution

The online publication RIARevolution.com covers everything related to development of rich Internet applications has published an interview with me as a part of the audio podcast Speak Rich. You can download it as an mp3 file or just listen to it at the following Web page: http://bit.ly/2kwOzT

In this interview we are talking about recent Adobe MAX 2009, using Flash for developing application for iPhone, upcoming Flex 4 framework, open source Clear Toolkit framework, the new book on Enterprise development with Flex  and more.

The other episodes of Speak Rich podcast are featuring the following well known software engineers:

Chet Haase, a member of the Adobe Flex SDK team
Stuart Stern, creator of a testing framework Flex Monkey
John Resig, creator of the famous JavaScript library and toolkit — jQuery

You can subscribe to this podcast at http://riarevolution.com/category/speak-rich/

Yakov Fain