ClearDataBuilder for Ext JS 4.1

ClearDataBuilder for Ext JS 4.1 has arrived! The URL for Eclipse plugin update is

What Has Changed
In addition to Ext JS 4.1 support, we introduce much simplified project wizard. Prior versions of CDB required you to create a generic Dynamic Web Project with CDB-specific facets. Now you explicitly create ClearDataBuilder ExtJS Project:

From here you have a clear choice: create a brand new project or piggy-back on one of the pre-built example ones:

The wizard will present you just one dialog. That dialog will contain all settings your project needs.
Let’s look at each of the project types one by one.

Java Example Project

This is the simplest project to setup and the dialog contains only two settings, which are required by all project types: Ext JS Location and Target Runtime.

The first one lets you choose between embedding Ext JS inside your app or point to an external Ext JS URL. To embed Ext JS you select “Browse…” and navigate to Ext JS location on your hard drive. Alternatively you may point to a local URL on your own server or to a Sencha CDN. In the latter case you will be constrained to use production version of the Ext JS.

With the second setting you are indicating a deployment server. Keep in mind, though, that we do not do any testing beyond Tomcat:

The rest – deployment of the example sources is done automatically.

MyBatis and Hibernate Example Projects

If you select MyBatis or Hibernate Example project, you will have to provide one additional setting: location of the folder where wizard deploys the HSQLDB database cleardb that is used by the example application. Keep in mind that you will have to explicitly start the database:

Non Example Project

For regular projects you will have to select the persistence type: MyBatis, Hibernate or None.
You will be able to optionally include Spring support, unless you use MyBatis persistance: we plug MyBatis via Spring so here you do not have a choice. Finally, you will need to select a connection:

That’s it for now. I will be presenting the Ext JS 4.1 and CDB for ExtJS on the Fifth Annual Farata’s Symposium, so join us there.