Our Upcoming Flex Teaching/Speaking Engagements

In the upcoming months, Farata’s principals are going to run or participate in the following public and private training events:
1.    November  5-20, 2009, Saudi Arabia, private client
Adobe Certified training “Development of the RIA with Flex”
by Victor Rasputnis

2.   November 6, 2009, Atlanta, GA, private client
Advanced Flex Seminar
by Yakov Fain

3.    November 16-17, New York City, NY
Flex Camp Wall Street, http://www.flexcampwallstreet.com
Yakov Fain will present on Flex library linking

4.    December 7-8, Moscow, Russia
Master Class: Development of software with Adobe Flex,
by Yakov Fain and Victor Rasputnis

During January – April of 2010 we are planning to run our popular 2-day Advanced Flex training event in Austin, TX, Denver, CO, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Stay tuned.

Yakov Fain

Advanced Flex workshop is coming to Toronto and London

This advanced Flex workshop has been very well received in New York City and Boston. The next destinations are Toronto (July) and London (September).  These are some of the topics covered during these two days of immersion into the Flex and AIR world:

– Data binding and MVC under the hood
– Custom component life cycle
– Selected Design Patterns in Flex
– What are the options in linking Flex libraries to minimize the size of your application?
– Minimizing the  download time of your Flex application (perceived and real)
-Pros and Cons of various methods of accessing the server tier

– Comparing LiveCycle Data Services and BlazeDS
– Basics of  creating custom communication protocol adapters for BlazeDS/LCDS
– Making Flex messaging shine
– Server side push to Flex Clients in BlazeDS
– Data Synchronization with LCDS and BlazeDS
– How to staff Flex projects
– Comparing MVC Architectural Flex Frameworks( Cairngorm, Mate, PureMVC)
– Overview of Clear Toolkit (Log4Fx, Fx2Ant, Clear Data Builder, DTO2Fx)
-Application builds and continuous integration
-Reverse RPC – a Java application server calls the Flex client
– Peer-to-peer remoting (a client calls a function on another client)
-Modularization of Flex applications with modules and sub-applications
– Flex Portals
– Occasionally Connected Applications with Adobe AIR BlazeDS
-Testing tools Flex applications
-Dealing with memory leaks in Flex applications
-Challenges of printing from Flash Player
-PDF generation on the client
-Open table discussion: real-world challenges and success stories of the workshop participants


What’s the size of the class?
Under 20 people

Is this a hands-on class?
No. It’s not possible to cover all these topics during two days in a hands-on set up. It’s a mix of lectures, live demos and code reviews

Do you provide any materials for the attendees?
Yes, Each attendee receives the hard and soft copy of all slides. We also provide the source code of all examples used during this workshop

Is it even possible to cover all this material in two days?
You won’t become an expert in these topics, but at least will get a good grasp of important concepts that will save you tons of time and efforts while working on your project. Based on the feedback from people who attended these seminars in the past, each person finds some solutions he’s been looking for to apply in his project.

What are the prerequisites for attending this seminar?
Having a hands-on experience with Flex  is a must. Basic understanding of Java also helps.

Do you teach this seminar privately on-site?
Yes, we teach this seminar world-wide. Please send an email to yfain at faratasystems.com if you’d like to make arrangements.

Is there any other any other workshop that  has similar curriculum?

Yakov Fain

Flex in Boston: early bird discount expires on Apr 6

The early bird discount for the two-day Flex workshop in Boston expires on Monday, April 6. Details at http://www.eventbrite.com/event/295389518.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you :)

Those who are planning to learn Flex during weekends should consider the 2-weekend Adobe Certified Flex training in Edison, NJ. Details at http://www.eventbrite.com/event/314201786.

Yakov Fain