Speaking at JavaOne 2013

I’m going to speak at JavaOne 2013, which is my new achievement unlocked! I’ll be talking about a very interesting topic –  integration of Java and JavaScript.

Here is quick abstract of my [BOF5793] session:

There is a perception in the Java community that JavaScript is a second-rate interpreted language whose main purpose is to make Web pages a little prettier. But JavaScript is actually a powerful, flexible, dynamically typed language. And today the language has been experiencing a revival driven by the interest in HTML5. Nashorn is a modern JavaScript engine available on the JVM, and it’s already included with JDK8 builds. This presentation is about building polyglot applications with Java and JavaScript.

Essentially, during this talk I will demonstrate how to leverage Java API from JavaScript and use both languages side-by-side in the real-world use-cases like servlet programming, RESTful WebServices etc. I’ll demo a couple of interesting samples for the audience.


You can find details about this session the JavaOne website. Stay tuned by following me on twitter, and I hope to see you in a couple days in San Francisco.