Shopping for GPhone this holiday season.

I know, it is not supposed to be out till late next year. But I can’t wait, so in the next couple of months or so I will try to whip up a perfect phone for myself from the available components.

Recently we’ve got a number of calls from both startups and established IP telephony companies looking to put RIA into work for the phone market. The telephone industry is going through a major shift in the next year. 3G becomes a standard feature of the cell phones, very much like cameras 3-4 years ago. Combined with GPS and phone service, and upcoming voice/text automation it becomes a very powerful device.

I will run this project as a research one, to see the problems and opportunities. My initial set of “phones” will include a reasonably small set, but I welcome any suggestions of what will get us close to the perfect phone. I will run the “mini” review, pros and cons, what works (for me), designs, etc.

Here is the initial set:

AT&T Tilt Windows smartphone

Sprint Blackberry – current “business phone”
E28 Linux Smartphone

Nokia tablet

iPhone – UI design concept

Also will see what can be done with personal gateway – basically will use SIP Asterisk PBX connected with cell gateway as an application platform for SIP/Telephone integration

I will start sharing my initial thoughts on the perfect business cell phone and home automation this week.

Hope it will be fun