Running the Flex Bootcamp in California

Today we are running a one day intensive Flex Bootcamp as a part of the AJAXWorld conference and expo. The word intensive is probably an understatement, but we always get lucky with the students – they are able to follow up. After the first four hours people move from Hello World to creating loosely-couple custom components and then to an application that includes Flex remoting with POJO and RSS feeder with Yahoo!. The second part of the workshop is about the best practices of working with the remote data.

We see a surge of interest to Flex in the enterprises operating in the greater New York, and starting from November, we are going to offer a two-day workshop to private clients to help their teams in jump-starting real-world Flex/Java projects.

Tomorrow, I’ll be presenting at the AJAXWorld conference on how Flex components can tremendously help Ajax developers in creating reports and work with Web Services. In October, we are releasing a free and hidden WebService.swf component that can be added to any JavaScript page, and communicate to SOAP Web Services using excellent E4X XML processing techniques offered by Flex SDK. If you are attending AJAXWorld, we’ll be demoing this component – please stop by our booth or attend my presentation on our reporting solution for AJAX applications again, with the help of Flex-based components.

Yakov Fain