Pushing the envelope of BlazeDS

BlazeDS is a poor man’s version of LCDS. As per the documentation, it doesn’t support real-time messaging protocol, may not scale well if the number of users will increase, no server-side push, no data management services support. But it has one huge advantage over LCDS. It’s free.
Surprisingly enough, our enterprise customers that theoretically are loaded with cash, also like it free because many projects have limited budget.
That’s why Farata’s engineers started experimenting with BlazeDS trying to squeeze a little more juice out of it.

We’ve  extended BlazeDS to provide additional streaming endpoints utilizing NIO/suspend/resume API that are offered by the new Servlet 3.0 API on one of the leading open source NIO servlet containers.  This solution allows us to do the server-side push in BlazeDS.

We are planning to set up some benchmarks and hit it hard, but we expect to see this configuration live and healthy with  10K+ simultaneous messaging clients. So far, all Adobe samples work with these endpoints without any changes to the Flex code – pure drop in server replacement/extension.
By the end of the year, when Servlet 3 becomes accepted standard every leading JEE provider can capitalize on it.

We are going to show a demo application that pushes the BlazeDS envelope during the upcoming Enterprise Flex Symposium in New York City on August 19. 2008.

Hope to see you there,