Our Flex book is written!

The book “RIA development with Adobe Flex and Java” is written. Check out the book site. Do you know why we are smiling? Because the writing is over! It took us longer than planned because we had to work for a living, and the time for writing this book was just stolen from our families and our sleep.

The book is about 650 pages, and here’s the brief TOC:

Foreword by Bruce Eckel
Foreword by Matt Chotin
Chapter 1. Architecture of RIA
Chapter 2. Introduction to Flex Framework
Chapter 3. Flex Builder Development Environment
Chapter 4. Learning Flex Through Applications
Chapter 5. A Complete Application with RPC Communications
Chapter 6. End-to-End Rapid Application Development
Chapter 7. How to write your own data services
Chapter 8. Enhancing and Extending Flex Controls
Chapter 9. Trees with Dynamic Data Population
Chapter 10. Working with Large Applications
Chapter 11. Data-Driven Approach To Flex Programming
Chapter 12. Application logging and debugging
Chapter 13. Building a SlideShow Application
Chapter 14. Developing Custom Charts
Chapter 15. Integration With External Applications
The book should be printed in February 2007. Most of the book is a heavy duty stuff that will be useful for any real-world Flex developer. The first four chapters go easy on you, but then we start going deep under the Flex 2 skin. We are sure that this book is going to be useful for any Flex practitioner. We hope that this book will be appreciated by Java developers, even though a reader with any object-oriented background will be able to use it.
This was my fourth book. And it’s the fourth time when I say, “Never again”. Let’s see if I’ll be able to keep the promise this time.

Yakov Fain

11 thoughts on “Our Flex book is written!

  1. Congratulations! I’m sure it will be great stuff. Can’t stand waiting for February :(

  2. Great news. Waiting for February :)
    Спасибо за книгу, надеюсь что она будет популярна и полезна большому числу разработчиков RIA. Жму руку.

  3. I do not know if the publisher (Sys-Con Media) is planning to distribute the book in a PDF format. But I know for sure that they will ship the book internationally – I know that lots of people from around the world have already pre-ordered the book.

  4. Hi, Congratulations on finishing the book, but could you tell me if it’s a Flex book or a Flex and Java book? If it does include Java what percentage of the content is Flex and what percentage of the content is Java? Is the book useful to those of us who use only Flex?

  5. It’s 90% Flex and 10% Java. This book is useful for any Flex developer regardless of what’s your background is.

  6. Congrats for the completion. I guess all that is left is for Adobe to hire you to write a book on Apollo :D.

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