Not yet another photo album application. Wow!

Just stop doing what you’re doing and watch this Youtube video now…Talking about best practices in creating GUI… I teach Flex at NYU, but little did I know about amazing experiments that are going on in the labs of this school. Adobe should invest in this amazing research, unless it’s too late.

Yakov Fain

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  1. multi-touch gesture systems is an amazing technology and quite far along already, you’ll see it in the Apple iPhone and I’m sure a lot more applications in the not too distant future. How do you see Adobe coming in here, would they be in the market for multi-touch devices?

    I’m sure they would support it in their creative suite products as soon as an industry standard comes out. Think companies like Wacom are paying close attention to this.

  2. WOW! I am speechless!
    This was the most amazing technology that I have ever seen, thank so much for sharing the link, I would have not even believe unless I have seen it myself.

  3. I’m not sure what exactly Adobe should do, but they should be there.
    My son is an animation artist, and he does not use the mouse while working in Flash Professional. He uses either a tablet with a pen or special monitors where you can draw directly on the screen surface. After watching this video, I can visualize him animating his characters just by using his fingers. Someone has to create commercial application to support these devices. It can be Adobe, Apple, Sony, Microsoft…

  4. Truly amazing. I saw this video a couple months ago and gasp. I thought, “this will change everything.” Very seldom do we get to see technology that is truly revolutionary. I agree that someone has to create commercial applications for this technology, but it has to be anyone other that Sony or Microsoft. I’m not interested in an Apple vs Microsoft flame war or anything. All I’m saying is that historically Sony tends to be VERY proprietary in it’s technology usage. They like to innovate and keep everything internal. Sony products are great as long as everything you have is Sony. Great business concept about 10 years ago, but not practical today and you can see how Sony has suffered because of it. Microsoft would simply vaporware this technology or water it down so badly that it would be useless. Also it would only work in Internet Explorer for Vista (WPF anyone?) I’d love to see Apple do something with this, although they don’t have broad market share like Microsoft, they would definitely “get it” and really take this technology to it’s fullest. Adobe could also do some really amazing things from a development standpoint with this. Google would be an interesting choice as well. Either way, I TRULY hope this tech makes it into everyones’ home and workplace. How cool would it be to have a 8′ x 3′ panel in your home where you can quickly leave messages for the family, the kids can make a quick doodle, you can pop up pictures from the weekend, post a cool article for everyone to read and have a todo list. That’s just scratching the surface. This finally makes computers truly accessible to almost everyone. After seeing this – the concept of a disconnected input device like a mouse seems so ridiculous.

  5. Amazing, I am curious how quickly something like this could be brought to market on a broad scale, as it will require support from software AND hardware vendors. I would think Apple would be best positioned to deliver upon this technology. The mouse/keyboard HCI is technology that was developed over 30 years ago, it would be great to see new gesture based interfaces like this reach the mainstream market.

  6. For an updated status on this interface including a newer video check out the following Wired interview (the new video is on page 2):,72905-0.html . This interface was presented in TED2006 and again a few days ago in TED2007. By the way, if you are not familiar with this conference I recommend you to take a look at: TED

  7. Hi Yakov
    I have been learning Flex for the past one month.I know Java.Can you please give me some suggestions to improve my knowledge in flex?

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