Next week in Jeru… oops, in Bangalore

My next week is a mix of business and sightseeing in India. I’ll be delivering two talks and one workshop at the Great Indian Developers Summit .

First Jesse James Garrett, who fathered the term AJAX, most likely will tell the audience that his baby is in great shape, and in my talk I’ll compare various RIA offerings suggesting to stay away from Jesse’s baby in the enterprise environment. I did a rehearsal of this speech at the AJAXWorld in New York City earlier this month explaining AJAX developers that they are going in the wrong direction.

I’m used to speaking in front of large audiences, but I always ran hands-on workshops for small groups of people. But the conference organizers told me that my workshop “Developing RIA with Flex and Java” will be attended by 60 people with laptops. This is a bit too much for a hands-on class, but India likes it big.

Yet another talk is not technical – it’s about American culture of enterprise software development. Most of the materials for this talk are taken from my e-book “Enterprise Software without the BS”. It’s not a not politically correct presentation where among other things I’ll be talking about the outsourcing as I see it. These are a couple of bullets from this talk:
-What’s wrong with these Indians?
– What’s wrong with these Americans?
– Are you underpaid?
-What’s the difference between contractors and employees
– Political stuff and more

I’ll take my camera with me and will take notes – expect a couple of blogs titled “Me went to India”

After returning back I’ll teach a small public Flex class in New York City, and then back to software development.

In June, I’ll deliver one more talk on facelifting SOA with RIA at the SOA World conference and will immerse into the Summer ’08.

Yours truly,
Yakov Fain