Native and Android are heating up

I looked at the topics at 360|MAX ( ). It looks that out of 14 sessions we will have at least 6 will be devoted to mobile platforms. And at least 4 are targeting integration with Android Native API.

I delivered 1 hour presentation today at our companies annual “symposium” on Native integration. Techniques are crude but without integration with native APIs AIR is a very limited product.
It is definitely “Gold Rush” time for AIR and mobile platform. The fact that so many people are breaking the walls to enable AIR compete with native apps means that the need is obvious. Adobe will deliver new Visual Basic for the mobiles this fall. All “high level” languages need bridge to “native” level to survive. However, if they will not integrate the way to better integrate native components on target platforms the chance to corner the market will be lost.
Anatole Tartakovsky