My Flex 2 class at New York University starts in November

I’ll be teaching a hands-on Flex 2 class at NYU starting on November 9. It’s a  5-session evening class that will run over five weeks, which is a slow-pace way to learn how to create RIA with Flex. I still did not decide on the text book to recommend to the students for purchase.

Since I am Adobe Certified Flex instructor, I’m allowed to use Adobe’s original courseware. It’s a well written manual with great labs. The only thing is that the courseware may be a little expensive for students – need to talk to Adobe.

The other choice is O’Reilly book “Training from the Source“, but it’s printed version is not available yet.

And the third choice is to use three chapters of our upcoming book “Developing RIA with Flex and Java“. While this book is not a tutorial, it has beginning chapters where we just create a bunch of really small applications demonstrating various techniques/styles of programming. This “just-do-it” approach works well if there is an instructor in the room. The book is not printed yet, but I can create ten-page handouts. We’ll see.
NYU has already signed me up for a similar course in April 2007. There will be plenty of printed materials on Flex by the next Spring. I enjoy teaching programming and am looking forward to it.

Yakov Fain

2 thoughts on “My Flex 2 class at New York University starts in November

  1. Have been waiting with GREAT anticipation for yor book! Any idea when its going to be printed?

  2. We are submiting the last chapter in about three weeks, and then add between one to two months for printing.


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