Mac or PC? Adobe or Microsoft?

My Dell laptop is dying and I had to make a choice – which small screen laptop to buy next. After having two issues with motherboards in my last two laptops Dell is out, and I was choosing between Lenovo X60 (12″) and MacBook Pro (13″) with  dual boot – OSX or Windows. As a professional enterprise developer I was inclined to stay with PC, and these couple of youtube videos have confirmed my decision – Wintel notebook.

But I’m still waiting till Lenovo will start shipping their notebooks with Windows Vista (today’s the first official Vista day). That’s why I decided to look at the Windows Vista home page .  It shows a nice little presentation on  Vista using…Flash Player from their rival Adobe. This is a clear indication that Flash Player is a de-facto standard when it comes to delivering multimedia. FLash Player’s ubiquity forced Microsoft bite the bullet and use it instead of their Windows Media Player. That’s why Adobe Flex and not WPF/E should be a tool of choice for rich internet application development…at least for another couple of years.

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  1. I’m not sure why, if cost is not an issue, you whouldn’t get the MacBook Pro and dual-boot. At the very least, you can choose which OS you need to boot into.

    Also, have you considered Adobe’s statements that FlexBuilder is actually more stable on the Mac that on Windows? :)

    Since the MacBook Pro doesn’t come in 13″, I guess you meant a MacBook. It seems that if you match the notebooks specs, the Leveno is $600 more…. more than enough to buy a copy of Vista to install on the MacBook. The MacBook also has a larger, higher resolution screen, which might be an advantage or not, depending on what you like. The only advantage the Leveno has is that you can get the optional docking station.

  2. I was cautious about MacBook because of the need to split the memory I have between OSX and Windows. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under impression that I’d need to install Parallels software and split my 2GB of RAM permanently assigning say 1.25Gb to Windows and 0.75Gb to OSX. Is this true?  Also, I’m not sure how did you come up with $600 difference comparing MacBook with 2GB vs Lenovo X60?

    I’d appreciate if anyone using MacBook in such dual mode could share his/her experience.

  3. With Parallels you do assign memory to Windows, but the memory is only used when Windows is actively running (just like any other application). You can also install Ubuntu on Parallels and be able to use all three OSes on the same machine. Another alternative if you don’t like sharing memory is to boot directly into Windows using Bootcamp. OSX isn’t running at all in this scenario, so you have 100% of your memory dedicated to Windows. Reboot if you need OSX.

  4. It seems that MacBook does not have a slot where I can insert my VerizonWireless card that I use to connect to the Internet on the road. This kills the deal.

  5. The question is: would Microsoft use WPF for the Vista intro if WPF would be well spread out like Flash Player is? They could only target Windows users with it as WPF is locked in to Windows only. I think it’s in their interest to also target Mac and Linux Users with their intro (but as always I could be wrong).

  6. I actually just switched to the MacBook Pro last December. It’s working great for me. Before that I had a workstation class Alienware laptop that weighed like 25lbs. I run Parallels and it actually works pretty good. It seems to be pretty smart about memory consumption.

    My only tie to the Windows side is still having to develop back-ended MS SQL Server apps. My experience has been that Flex Builder on both Mac and Windows are totally comparable in both performance and stability. If you have to develop and test in several environments it’s great to have them all at your finger tips.

    Oh, and on the broadband card issue, I ran into the same problem with my Sprint card. One option that I just discovered yesterday is broadband to my cell phone via Bluetooth. Looks like the Mac will support it, still gotta check if my phone will

    Anyways, sounds like your decision is made, this is just for the understanding of what it would have been like if you would have went the other direction.


  7. I switched to a MacBook Pro earlier this year and I can highly recommend it. Parallels works like a charm and the new MacBook Pro’s can hold up to 3Gb RAM, so even if you need to use as much as 1,25 Gb for your Windows apps (using Parallels), you’ll still have plenty. I’ve found that in most cases, 768Mb Ram is enough for my Windows use and sometimes even less. Depends on what software you use of course, but the sweet thing is that you adjust the Ram by just dragging slider to whatever you need. Neat?

    Also: several of the official Vista Presentations by Microsoft execs this week were done on Mac’s using Parallels running Vista. That says something, doesn’t it? 😉


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