IntelliJIDEA – Java…Ruby…Flex?

JetBrains team is well known and respected in Java community for their excellent IDE called IntelliJIDEA. Java developers in-the-know know – Eclipse is bigger, but IDEA is better. Last year, I had to switch from IDEA to Eclipse, because I’ve been doing mixed Java/Flex development, and Eclipse was my only choice.

When JetBrains announced Ruby support in IDEA, it was clear that Ruby fans just won the lottery. The next question in my mind was, “How about supporting Adobe Flex languages – MXML and ActionScript?“ But this was the case when no new was bad news.

Today, I’ve got an email with a reference to a ticket opened by Michael Klishin in the IDEA’s bug tracking and project management database that asks for Flex support. Way to go, Mike! I’m with you.

JetBrains, go for it! Adobe Flex is here to stay, and having two Flex IDEs is better than one.

Yakov Fain

7 thoughts on “IntelliJIDEA – Java…Ruby…Flex?

  1. Many of us used to use IntelliJ IDEA almost exclusively to show Flex development before Flex Builder 1.x. Even after Flex Builder 1.x many of us stuck with IDEA. It’s a fantastic IDE. Now as the server side of Flex continues to mature, so does the need for powerful tooling that can offer developers a single environment. Eclipse is a great start, but I see no reason why there can’t/shouldn’t be others. I look forward to what JetBrains may be cooking up.

  2. Yakov,

    Guys from JB already confirmed that Fx2 support in IDEA 7 is in works now. We just won the lottery, too. I won two times in one month (I’m a Ruby fan as you call us ;))

  3. Mike, I’d be cautiously optimistic about the IDEA 7. It’s easier said than done cause creating an IDE for Flex is more complicated than the one for Java. Read my older blog on the subj (and the comments) at
    But there is no better team for this job than JetBrains, that’s for sure.

  4. Yakov,

    True, but they have quite a lot of work done (MXML is XML that they support already, Java/JavaScript are close to ActionScript 3, CSS editor is already in place and editors with mixed languages like JSP editor are present in IDEA 6). One more thing is that they are not going to implement GUI builder for Flex in IDEA 7.

    I think given these two, Flex support in IDEA this fall looks possible.

  5. Just voted on JIRA, hope it gets released (even as an early preview) for IDEA 6 as soon as it’s workable. MXML is defined as an XML schema, so you could already do quite a lot with the basic XML editor in IDEA – but you won’t get the ActionScript completion in event handler attributes for example. Flex Builder is still a bit, err, rough around the edges for my liking :-)

  6. hi Yakov Fain,

    i am doing a project with flex and java. i want the features provided by live cycle data server, to be done through weblogic server.

    your two samples viz., passing data to jsp and retrieving was very helpful.

    Can you guide me how to get the data not from XML but through java beans and that too through servlet communication?

    your sample was helpful in understanding servlet communication, but i need to render data not from XML, but from java bean..CAn you help?

    Also, i need to know how to create a servlet in flex project. is it possible because i cannot.

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