I’m a candidate for featuring at Adobe Spotlight

I have two news: a good one and a good one. 1. I’m a candidate for featuring at Adobe’s Developers Spotlight pending on the number of votes I get. 2.  It’s great that this is not presidential elections, because as per the voting machine on that blog 10+3=17, and even if you try to vote it does not change anything. I’m sure though, it’ll be fixed sooner or later.Anyway, thank you Adobe for even considering an old Java dog.

I’ve written the Flex article I’ve been nominated for with my colleagues at Farata Systems – Victor and Anatole. We do work on some cool components and plugins for Flex, and many of them were written in Java (surprise, surprise).

If you are interested in my other Java/Flex/Anything articles, you can find them at Java Developer’s Journal.  And of course, I’m proud of our recent baby, the book called RIA development with Adobe Flex and Java.

Yakov Fain

3 thoughts on “I’m a candidate for featuring at Adobe Spotlight

  1. Hi,

    I think what happened was when we had to remove Renaun Erickson from the poll, that the poll unfortunately ceased to operate correctly. I’m sorry about that, and we’ll figure out a way to address this….

  2. The broken pool has been removed, and no voting is required. Both candidates will be featured one after the other.

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