How we write a book for O’Reilly

In the past, to write a book the writer would need a quill pen. After a while, Microsoft Word replaced the goose feather. Today, any Word processor is not good enough. You need to have tools to generate the book content in various formats to be read on various devices. Things get complicated if you have more than one writer working on the book. Now you need a distributed version control system.

We’ve recorded a Webcast showing how we write a technical book for O’Reilly Media. This Webcast is not about the book itself, but rather about the process of writing the book and the software tools we use for it.

The recording is available here.

2 thoughts on “How we write a book for O’Reilly

  1. Thank you for the webcast! It is kind of ironic that you need a flash player to actually watch a video about the html5 book )

    • I don’t find this ironic. I try to find the best tool for the job. Adobe Connect serves me well in my online trainings and in webcast recordings. If there will be an tool that offers the same features and won’t require Flash Player I’ll consider it.

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