How To Take a Server-Side Application To The Cloud

Our company, Farata Systems is big supported of open source and developers community. Farata’s engineers are recognizable speakers huge numbers of conferences (JavaOne, Adobe MAX, AJAX World, SOA World, Devoxx, 360Flex, etc). Farata also sponsors local community and meetups, e.g. Princeton JUG and NJFlex. We bring remarkable speakers to talk about topical problems, innovations in the Java world and industry in general.

Last time (September, 28 2012 ) we hosted very energetic gentleman from Israel-based startup JFrog – Baruch Sadogursky. At this talk Baruch did great introduction to 101-cloud platform for Java engineers. He did an overview of common technical solutions, what platform to choose, how to get win in «Cloud Bingo»!
Enough words… I happy that we can share some of his wisdom not only with local community but with Internet! Here’s recording of his session

How we took our server-side application to the Cloud and liked what we got by @jbaruch

If you planning to move you app to the Cloud tomorrow what this video today to avoid common problems and pitfalls.
How you can help to local Java/JavaScript/Flex developers community?
Join the Princeton JUG / NJFlex meetup group
– Suggest the talk topic what you interesting in and we’ll bring speaker for discussion
– Or even present you own talk

p.s. Hope to see you the next Princeton JUG meetup on November 28, 2012. We’re having a great speaker from Oracle who’s going to talk about Domain Driven Design on Java EE 6. RSPV here