Getting Started with Ext JS in Intellij IDEA

Intellij Idea is an excellent IDE popular among Java developers, and you can use it for JavaScript development too. These days most people use JavaScript-based frameworks, and I like Ext JS framework by Sencha. Last year JetBrains did a huge effort to promote their IDE as a real swiss knife for developer with support wast majority of modern technologies.  Today I’ve decided to record a small screencast about configuring Intellij Idea for development web applications with Ext JS framework.  You’ll also see how to use the autocompletion with EXT JS classes and keep the Ext JS documentation at your fingertips.

The Highlights:

To use Quick Documentation place cursor on method and select View-> Quick Documentation (Ctrl+J or ^+J on Mac)

To use Autocomplete use Ctrl+Space. You can use Quick Documentation in autocomplete mode as well

If you’re looking for a JavaScript and Ext JS training, please visit our Web site for up-to-date information about the scheduled classes.

Enjoy and stay tuned for new videos!

Viktor Gamov

4 thoughts on “Getting Started with Ext JS in Intellij IDEA

  1. Great video. I am pretty new to IntelliJ and this video was a great resource in getting my Javascript project up and running.

  2. Thank you for the tutorial.
    Could you please tell what tool or script are you using for starting http server?

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