Flex RPC enabler for really lazy programmers (myself included)

A lot of things happening here and I can not make myself to do proper project management by the book. If you are also swamped, need to do a lot of prototypes that will be refactored later or just do not like to do things by the book here is a post for you: bypass flex remoting registration and get extra functionality in return (disclaimer: we all know that it is security hole, but you can eliminate it by allowing access to the classes that match certain patterns)

Here is self explainatory package. Unload Flex portion in your Flex project, Java portion in Java, register PojoFacade class for remoting – it will use introspection / serve as facade for all your pojo classes on server.

But that is not all. The package located here allows you to create custom remoting batches, transactions or just add server-side error  processing/logging. Please note that you will need to enforce security as we bypass registration XML



[tags]Flex, Java, ActionScript, Transaction, Gateway[/tags]