Flex on Hudson

This week I’m teaching Adobe Flex class to a group of Java developers of a Wall Street company.  After 9/11 many organizations moved from Manhattan across the Hudson river to Jersey City, NJ.

Jersey City is a high crime city, but now the narrow area of 2-3 blocks from the river has been rebuilt, with new office and apartment  buildings and with a simple train commute from Manhattan.

I took this photo shot right in the classroom. How do you like this view from a student’ desk? This is not a wallpaper, but a view of the downtown Manhattan.  You’d have to be a big shot to get an office with such a view.  The other option is to be a student.

One thought on “Flex on Hudson

  1. Sorry I have to respond.
    Yes, Jersey City as a whole has been historically a high crime city, and as a whole still has its problems, but, Jersey City is quite large.
    Exchange Place (where you are) all the way through the historic downtown area (where I live) is actually quite nice (and getting nicer every day).
    Theres quite a bit of redevelopment going on through out those areas including a Trump Tower, new condo developments, renovated brownstones, etc.
    The 2-3 blocks you mention is actually just Exchange Place.
    With the close proximity to Manhattan (a 10 minute subway ride under the Hudson), its hard to beat and many people are quickly realizing this.
    Its hard for people to believe this, but I can get into Manhattan faster than many of my Brooklyn friends.
    Anyway, back to Flex talk, just had to correct the statement that made it seem like Jersey City as a whole is scary and bad.

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