Flex-Java components will be shown at SOA World Conference

Farata Systems will exhibit at the upcoming SOA World Conference & Expo, which will take place on June 25-27, 2007, in New York City. We also will teach a one day Flex Developer Bootcamp on June 24, 2007.

Rich Internet applications is a great way of consuming enterprise services, and we are going to demo our components that can substantially boost the productivity of software developers working on your Flex-Java application. We’ll demo the following products:
Clear Data Builder – this Eclipse plugin is a commercial version of an open source DaoFlex code generator. It takes away complexity of writing Java code for communication with relational databases. All Java and Flex artifacts are created automatically based on your SQL Select statement, including creation and deployment of the Flex FDS Web Application. You do not have to know Java to create end-to-end Flex-Java-Database CRUD application in minutes.
Fx2Ant – this Eclipse plugin instantly translates the settings of your existing Flex Projects into ANT build scripts, so that you can build your modules, libraries and applications outside of Eclipse and create larger builds integrated with J2EE projects. What takes weeks on even a mid-size project, can be done in seconds with Fx2Ant. While generating the build script, Fx2Ant applies additional size-optimizing techniques that help to modularize development and cut the download time of enterprise Flex applications.
Fx2Doc – this plugin allows you quickly build and organize the documentation for your project. You can upload your documentation to the corporate or the community server, so that it becomes shared by other developers.
Log4Fx – this component provides a number of configurable implementations of log targets and an interactive control panel. You can target your log information to Eclipse IDE, local or remote server and other destinations.
ClearBI – a Web reporter implemented in Flex and Java. It’s available in two versions: Professional Edition (Eclipse Plugin for developers) and Enterprise Edition (Client Business Intelligence Tool).  

Clear BI Professional Edition allows a software developer to create and customize a new report – sorting, grouping, formula fields –  in Eclipse IDE WYSIWYG style. Then, the report can be integrated into any Flex application.

ClearBI Enterprise Edition brings the power of customization to the business users,  allowing them start with the universe of the data fields, persist the modification to the database, share reports among users, groups etc. 

ClearBI is a first and only Web reporting solution for Flash Player. It does not require any software install on the client’s workstation – only a browser. Users running ClearBI reports can perform off-the-shelf analytics such as manipulations sorting, filtering and grouping; export report data to Microsoft Excel (IE only) and print PDF.

The documentation and the trial versions of all of these components is available at www.myflex.org .
Please stop by with all your RIA-related needs and concerns.