Flex Bugs Deja vu

Flex bug database is available at http://bugs.adobe.com/flex/

I have a strong feeling that I’m about to enter the same waters again… When the Flex open source announcement was made, one engineer from Flex team has asked me if I had any suggestions in this regard. I told him about the bitter taste that Java’s bug parade has left in my mouse. People were allowed to vote for bugs, but some of the top voted bugs were sitting in the database for 7(!) years. What are the guarantees that it won’t happen again with Flex? 

The Flex Bugs FAQ has the following:

“Does my bug report immediately go to the development team?
No, A Bug reports only get reviewed by the development team once it receives support (votes) from others in the community.”

I do not like this answer. Been there. Done that. Do not want to do it again. I remain cautiously optimistic that Flex team will be more responsive than their Java colleagues. The time will show.

Yakov Fain

2 thoughts on “Flex Bugs Deja vu

  1. Yakov, in your feed version of this post there is a link to a MP3 site. Also, if you view the source of this blog you’ll find several hidden spam links…

    Seems like your blog has been hacked and spam-infected 😐

    So, better upgrade and clean your templates :-)

    Best regards,

  2. Yakov,
    I agree with your concern but so far all the bugs me or my friends reported were processed fast enough. Actually Flex is still so litlle when compared to whole JRE, I don’t expect a snowball effect on bugs but also Flex is still not mature as JRE so meanwhile I also expect to see more bugs coming. I totally agree with negative sides of voting. I hope Flex team can handle responsing the bugs..

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