Flex Bootcamp at AJAXWorld

This Sunday we’ve spent teaching a very intensive workshop on using Flex. This bootcamp was part of the AJAXWorld 2007 in New York that officially starts tomorrow.
This is how it went – every attendee came with his/her laptop with preinstalled Eclipse, FlexBuilder, Java SDK, Tomcat, MySQL Server database. We’ve emailed them instructions on how to do this, but came earlier ready to help with installation/configuration issues, but no help was needed. I spent the first four hours running a hands-on introduction to Flex. And people were running my example applications on their machines – no problem. Data Binding, Custom Events, RSS read using HTTPService, communication with a server-side Java application using RemoteObject. All was covered in just four hours! I asked people if they wanted me to slow down – not at all. It was a really good crowd.

After lunch Victor went through the intricacies of the server side development database applications with Flex. Many of his samples were geared toward pointing people at potential issues of configuration of distributed applications that include Flex, Java and SQL. Then he gave to the students our free library of components that we’ve developer at Farata Systems and demo’d a new DaoFlex Eclipse plugin that makes creation of Flex-Java-DBMS applications a breeze. We’ll spend the next three days at the Ajax show – you can find us by the table with our RIA book. We’ll be also showing a number of Eclipse plugins that turn Flex into a Rapid Application Development tool. Stop by if interested.

As to the bootcamp, we’ll be offering it now more often to jump-stat development of the Flex Java enterprise projects. We’ll be offering two versions of this bootcamp – one or two days based on flex-maturity level of development teams.

Hope to see you at the Ajax show.

Yakov Fain