Flex Best practices. Sketch 1: An application with a single Event class

This is the first of the series of articles that Flex architects from Farata Systems will be posting over the next several months. We’ll introduce you to our own class library that goes by a working name theriabook. Over the last couple of years we’ve been successfully using various coding techniques and custom components that turned the application development in Flex into a RAD project.

I’ll start with some history and definitions. While working on the book “RIA with Flex and Java”, we’ve been building a library of reusable components for the book samples. Since the book writing was our moonlight activity, we’ve had a chance to try all these components at the battlefield – during our consulting gigs with various clients. Unfortunately, last week we’ve had to politely reject the offer of our publisher, Sys-Con Media for writing the second edition of that book. We just do not have time. So if you are thinking of purchasing a copy, do it sooner than later – it’ll be gone soon.

There are three ways of writing software:

1. Just write the code from scratch
2. Pick a framework and write the code by the rules dictated by this framework
3. Use selected components from one or more class libraries

To see the difference between a framework and a class library, visualize a construction site of new housing development. In one home site, you see a frame of the future house, rooms are laid out, and electrical wire are hanging everywhere . The site next to it just has a pile of construction materials – Anderson windows, 2X4th, et al. Of course, the latter gives you a lot more freedom as to how your future house will look like…as long as you know how to construct it.
We like freedom, and will be presenting not only our “Anderson windows”, but also instructions for using them during construction of your application. Best practices, as we currently see them. Your input is greatly appreciated and if you have your own construction materials or tricks of the trade, please add them to our pile.

All objects from our theriabook library will be available for free as an open source software governed by the MIT license – the same as Flex framework.
Without further ado, let’s go to our first best-practice.

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