Flex 3 online instructor-led training

While attending a conference in India last month, many people asked me if we offer online Flex training. Answering these and other requests, we’ve scheduled a week of live instructor-led online class. Students can be located anywhere in the world as long as they are connected to the Internet.

During the class, each registered student will be using a screen-sharing tool for visuals and a free phone line for audio (non US-based students will have to use Skype).  During the lecture part, students will watch the monitor of the instructor, and during the hands-on part instructor can quickly switch mode to see the screen of the student who needs help.  Students can also ask questions using online chat room.

This will be a small class (not more than 10 people). See details at www.faratasystems.com

Yakov Fain

One thought on “Flex 3 online instructor-led training

  1. Do you have any more online training planned for Advanced Flex/ActionScript or Flex integration with JEE etc?

    I had a look at your Eventbrite page, but it looks like the last online training you did was back in 2008.
    With the companies loosening their belts a bit, now might be a good time to start again :)

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