Figaro qua, Figaro là – and are running side-by-side

Two conferences are running side-by-side competing for better developers. Looks like I will be staying in CA for extra day – Eclipse one is running through March 8th. It would be interesting to see what new tools will be available to Flex developers sharing Eclipse IDE with the rest of the world.

At Eclipse conference, I will be doing hands-on for a chance to “Show the light of Flex” to very advanced group of Java developers/toolmakers: These are the people who define what next generation of Enterprise tools are going to be – with very interesting possibilities coming out of merging different technologies. Architecture of the future frameworks will depend on how well and seamlessly they would integrate with the current trends.

At one I will be doing “Enterprise Applications” demo – how to build the “meat and potato” systems quickly and reliably having the resources available in the corporate world. The approach is very different, but the result is the same – the RAD development based on proven ideas of client-server programming applied to distributed/network-based topology. I’ll call the approach “getting-rich-quick” or some other name people feel good about.

It’s going to be a fun week – see you there and there.


Anatole Tartakovsky