Farata Systems is looking for Flex developers

This year started with a surge of requests to work on Flex projects. We need to grow – we are looking for Flex developers to work on various projects. Our small company has very good reputation on Wall Street, and to maintain this status we always cherry pick people we work with. We are looking for seasoned developers. We need people who are motivated to work and master Flex.
Our requirements are pretty reasonable: you have to be smart, know how to survive in a corporate environment, deliver on time and what’s expected, and require very little supervision. Beside working knowledge of Flex 2 you should have experience developing applications using J2EE.
We can work with you either on the corp-to-corp basis, or offer full time employment. Please send your resume and salary/rate requirements at info at faratasystems dot com.
While we do not hire junior developers at this time, we will open a limited number of internship positions to talented students for the Summer of 2007. We hope that some of these interns will eventually start working for Farata Systems. Please get in touch with us early describing why you are a good candidate for being an intern. If does not matter where you live – you will telecommute – but good English and passion about developing rich Internet applications is a must.
Thank you,
Yakov Fain

6 thoughts on “Farata Systems is looking for Flex developers

  1. Yes, we would consider people who live otside the USA if the following two conditions are met:

    1. You have to be a very good programmer.
    2. You have to have a good command of the English language (speak/read/write).

  2. Hello. I’m from Valencia (Spain). It has been always a dream for me going to USA to work as developer. Now I’m working in a very small company as Adobe Flex developer. I’m working there since 9 months ago. I don’t know if I’m a very good programmer, but let me tell you that, since I began working as developer, 3 years ago, any company has dismissed me. I’ve usually worked as Java developer, except in my current job, that I’m working as Adobe Flex developer.

    Another issue is about my english. Well, you can test my english on this comment. Spoken english is more difficult for me, because it is impossible learning spoken english perfectly if you don’t live for a long time in a country where english is spoken. But, I think I can understand enought english for work. In my previous job, at GFT (this company has an office in New York) I usually spoke with London office by phone, at least once a week.

    I don’t know if you would consider me. I can send you my resume as soon as I can translate it into english. Maybe tomorrow. The problem is that I don’t know the name for equivalent studies in Spain, there, in the USA, so I must investigate. I’m “Ingeniero Informático” that tanslated into english may be: “Computer Engineer” but I’m not sure if is the same name in the USA.

    Kind regards.

  3. Well , i live in Peru i am actually a Java and Flex programmer , in the past i wrote a lot of code in C and C++ , but when java appear his code one time and run anywhere catch mi attention. I begun to wrote java from the version 1.0 to the actual version.

    Also i program the backend iin J2EE and worked on Hibernate, IBatis , JSF , Struts and all of that stuff over the time. I narrated this background to expalin what motivated to work in flex , well if im a backend programmer why i need to wrote UI stuff in the server side (JSF,HTML,Javascript , etc) i need the server to do bussines layer not to mix the things, well after try with JFC i had serious problem in deployments because the client doesnt use allways the same JVM, after all i begun to work in flex and i convnced that is the solution for the way i think. (i talking about write 3 tiers applications not web sites)

    I love to create application UI in flex and Java EE in server , also i know more than basics in SQL Server, MySQL Databases (this is Peru we need to do all the phases of development sometimes , not to much developers here) , also good background in XML stuff.

    Also i have total knowledge about CairnGorm because in the past i wrote that kind of stuff to c++ programs , and for the server side also at least on the model , controller areas.

    One thing more , in the past i work remotely for Intelligenesis a new york based company that at that time try to create something like PayPal for the deutsche bank , but we lost the race :(

    Let me know , if you are interested in my skills.

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