Enterprise Development with Flex

It’s been almost four months since our book “Enterprise Development with Flex”  been released in print by O’Reilly.  Since day one, it remains in Amazon’s bestseller’s list in several IT categories. This gives me a great feeling given the fact that Amazon re-calculates their stats hourly.
I’d like to share with you some interesting facts that from the times when this book was in its proposal stage. If you carefully look at the book cover, you’ll notice a little logo and the text Adobe Developer Library.  To earn the right to be included in this library our book proposal had to be approved by Adobe engineers. We made it, and are grateful to excellent software engineers from Adobe Flex team, who put their trust in our ability to write such a complex and advanced book.

After the approval process was done, O’Reilly sent us the Flex team members feedback without revealing the names of engineers who wrote them. Most of them were 100% positive. But our special thanks go to one unknown member of Flex team who wrote something like, “I don’t agree with many of the things that these authors write about Flex in their blogs and articles, and I’d rather not approve them, but I will because there are not many people in the industry who are capable of writing such a book.” We don’t know your name, but we consider this assessment to be the best compliment we’ve received so far.

Looking forward to meeting with the members of Adobe Flex team in October at MAX conference.  The authors of this book are going to attend this event in LA in October.

Our praise goes to the O’Reilly cover designers who correctly visualized three authors of this book without ever meeting them in person.

If you bought this book, Farata’s team would really appreciate if you’d spend 10 minutes and publish your review of this book on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be long, but we are looking for getting your honest opinion about our work.

Your truly,
Yakov Fain

7 thoughts on “Enterprise Development with Flex

  1. hi yakov – is your book available as an epub? thanks for your great contributions to the community. stef

  2. Hi Yakov,
    I have been reading the book and I love the level of details in the book. Amongst all the chapters the one I would have loved to have included in the book was on the Flex component Life cycle and how to write custom components and the best practices involved. I will post my review on Amazon recommending this book for all Flex developers.


  3. thanks again yakov – i purchased both electronic and print. all the best – stef

  4. i too use this book. and oh boy! talk about taking your flex skills to the NEXT level. thanks to you and your time.

  5. Hi Yakov Fain,
    Book is simply awesome, i am got trouble finding the “nioblaze.jar” in the source code of the book and even not able find it in web.
    Could you please share the link

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