Do not miss the Flex Best Pratices panel at MAX 2007

The MAX 2007 conference features more than 200 sessions, and only a small number of them made it to the Sessions Highlights Web page. Flex Best Practices panel is one of them, and our own Anatole Tartakovsky has been invited to be a panelist there. Beside being my friend and colleague at Farata Systems, Anatole belongs to a really tiny group of programmers who understand all nitty-gritty details of developing rich Internet applications in general and with Flex in particular. As Anatole put it, he is one of those people who code faster than speak.

The Flex Best Practices is a short session, but if you have really tough questions or are facing problems in your Flex-related project, stop by and talk to him before or after this panel. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


Yakov Fain