Do it right or people will hate your rich Internet Application

I’m sitting at the airport trying to send a couple of final emails. My plane to Europe leaves in a couple of minutes. I’m on my broad-you’re-gotta-be-kidding-me-band Internet connection which is slow as hell. I need to send an email to my son who is in the sleepaway camp now. I do not remember the camp’s email. After two minutes of waiting, about 10% of this camp’s RIA is displayed on my screen. I realize that most of the RIA will have really hard times is they won’t be done properly.
Rule number one: design the main screen of your application with some vital information to be as light-weight as possible. We’ve been experimenting with Flex loaders and can create an application that start with the first screen that is as light as 20-30K. Later on it loads and displays the rest of the modules. If you won’t properly partition your RIA, it’s going to be doomed.
Yakov Fain