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Today, we’ve announced new pricing for ClearBI 1.0 to make it more affordable for small businesses. ClearBI is a one of a kind Web reporter that can be used by both developers and end-users. Reports are delivered as rich internet applications using Flash Player and can be customized by the end end users without the need to install any additional software.
Currently there are two versions of ClearBI: Developers and Server editions.

While ClearBI Developer’s edition is aimed at software developers, ClearBI Server edition allows end users create reports from the universe of the data fields without need to install any software other than Flash Player. They can create, customize and save reports in the centralized database server without any help from the IT department.

This is description of the current ClearBI licenses and pricing:

1. ClearBI Developer – $799 per developer. This license is the best fit for the organizations that need a tool to create canned reports to be viewed by the end-users. These reports are read-only and can be viewed either independently or integrated into other Web applications.

2. ClearBI Server OEM – $999 per first server (2-CPU max). The end users can customize and save their reports. The number of the end users is not limited. This license is a good fit for small businesses.

3. ClearBI Server Enterprise is priced on a per server CPU basis – please contact us for a quote.

You can download the trial version of ClearBI at

While ClearBI 1.0 works with Adobe LiveCycle Data Services, the upcoming ClearBI 1.1 will work with a variety of data sources including WebServices, OpenAMF and data provided by JavaScript or AJAX applications. You can see a pre-recorded demo of ClearBI 1.1 at

ClearBI 1.1 will also introduce a free Community edition, which is essentially the Server edition without the ability to save customized reports.

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