Clear Toolkit 4 for Flex developers: the roadmap

After successful beta of Clear Toolkit 3.0 and release of 3.1 the number of Flex developers who use Clear Toolkit 3 components steadily grows.

We thank all our users for support and encourage them to submit requests for new features and bug reports at

Here’s the roadmap for Clear Toolkit 4 for the year of 2009:

1. Offer data syncrhonization solution for AIR/BlaseDS applications – March 2009
2. Enhance Flex UI component to support PDF generation on the client – April 2009
3. Release documentation on classes from Clear component library (clear.swc) – May 2009.
4. Offer a solution for Flex-based portals – May 2009
5. Open source most of the components of Clear Toolkit – August 2009

All components of Clear Toolkit will remain free of charge under MIT license.
Production support is available for purchase.

Yakov Fain

4 thoughts on “Clear Toolkit 4 for Flex developers: the roadmap

  1. I’m Java developer since late 90’s and began to work with Flex about one or two months ago.
    I just began to use CDB 3.1 (I downloaded 3.0 but never get further), Im just testing for now and so far it is a great tool.
    I’m using it with Firebird and, so far, is working very well.
    What frustates me is:

    1. Documentation on the com.farata.* AS classess.
    2. Some kind of news group or forum.
    3. Documentation (again) on other task such how to register other JDBC sources, I have to figure my self looking thru zip file.

    If you need some help let me know.

    Thanks for such great tool!!!

  2. Well taken. Finally, we’ve allocated some resources to spend time documenting classes from the Clear library.
    As usual, projects that put bread on our tables take precedence, but contributing to Flex community was always a part of our daily lives…

    At this point we’ve written so much code that it definitely make sense to invest a little more time and build an open source platform for enterprise Flex developers. We really hope that after open sourcing Clear Toolkit more and more will contribute and improve it.

    Thank you for your offer to help, I’ll keep this in mind.


  3. Hi , Does Clear Toolkit Builder plug-in works in MyEclipse 8.5, when I have installed ClearBuild 4.0 version plug-in in MyEclipse 8.5 only FX2Ant is working, Can you please help

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