Clear Data Builder 3.0 becomes a free product

Our popular code generator Clear Data Builder 3.0 will become available free of charge.
Originally, Clear Data Builder (CDB) was released as a command-line open source code generator a.k.a. DaoFlex.   We’ve  submitted it to Adobe Flex component exchange about two years ago, and it quickly became one of the most downloadable components. 

Its next incarnation was a commercial plugin CDB 1.1 for Flex 2. 

The upcoming release of CDB 3.0 plugin becomes  yet another contribution of Farata Systems to Flex community.

This version is a substantial redesign – now it’s based on Eclipse JEE IDE, works with Flex Builder 3, supports code generation for  LCDS, BlazeDS and OpenAMF, includes templates to generate AdvancedDataGrid and more.  

We’ve updated CDB documentation and uploaded the Beta version of this Eclipse plugin at  . 

I’ll be demoing CDB 3 Beta during the public Flex 3 training that I’ll run in New York City next week.
We’d appreciate all your feedback and bug reports.  Over the Summer, we are going to turn all our components into freely available products.

Yakov Fain