Saving User preferences on the server – cutting corners in Flex

December 21st, 2006 by Yakov Fain

It started as a simple task – I needed to store user preferences.  No problem SharedObject.getLocal() will do the job. Oh, by the way, we do not want to store the preferences on the local disk because users want to be… continue reading

Comparing the syntax of Java 5 and ActionScript 3

November 12th, 2006 by Yakov Fain

Below is a short comparison table of major elements/concepts of these two languages for a quick reference. You can read this table either left-to-right or right-to-left, depending on what’s your primary programming language is today. This list is not complete,… continue reading

Some thoughts on open sourcing Flex components

November 1st, 2006 by Yakov Fain

We earn our living at Farata Systems by selling Flex/Java consulting services and training. While doing this, every now and then we create reusable components, and so far we are giving them away for free. Some pathetic bloggers call this… continue reading

Yet another zero info blog about MAX

October 25th, 2006 by Yakov Fain

After attending half a dozen conferences this year I took a break and did not go to MAX. I check MXNA blog aggregator daily, but finding useful info is not easy. This is how a typical blog looks like. Yo… continue reading

New daoFlex release 0.11:Data Synchronization via Flex Remoting

October 22nd, 2006 by Victor Rasputnis

As a tribute to MAX2006, we have uploaded the latest release of our open-source daoFlex code generator and library. What’s cool in this release? We now support complete data synchronization via Flex Remoting. Here is how: we’ve created a ActionScript… continue reading

PowerBuilder, Java, Flex, Agile Development

October 20th, 2006 by Yakov Fain

Ten years ago I’ve been doing PowerBuilder and my mentality was different: first, I was the best friend of business users, and second I did not really worry about what’s under the hood. I could do stuff quickly, or using… continue reading

My Flex 2 class at New York University starts in November

October 19th, 2006 by Yakov Fain

I’ll be teaching a hands-on Flex 2 class at NYU starting on November 9. It’s a  5-session evening class that will run over five weeks, which is a slow-pace way to learn how to create RIA with Flex. I still… continue reading

ActionScript 3: Overloading constructors with …(rest)

October 16th, 2006 by Victor Rasputnis

ActionScript 3 allows a function to have a variable number of arguments by using so-called … (rest) parameter. Ellipses followed by the name represent an array parameter that can contain any number of comma-delimited arguments: public static function calcTax(… taxParams):Number{… continue reading

Passing parameters to Flex with flashVars that works

October 12th, 2006 by Yakov Fain

Today’s assignment is to be able to run a Flex application against different servers (dev, uat, prod) without the need to recompile SWF. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the URL of the server should… continue reading

A coding challenge

October 9th, 2006 by Yakov Fain

Just finished writing an article called “Polymorphism Without Interfaces”. I challenge you to review and explain the code below: for(var i:uint = 0; i < workers.length; i++) { var p:* = workers[i][“increasePay”]; output.text+=p==undefined?”no luck”:p(5); } The person who writes the... continue reading