Announcing a series of Weekend with Flex Experts seminars

Last weekend we’ve conducted a two-day public training on Adobe Flex in Edison, New Jersey. The room was packed and we’ve received a really nice feedback from many attendees. Inspired by a success of this training, we’ve decided to repeat it in several cities across the USA.
This is how it works: we inject a solution of basic Adobe Flex techniques, design patterns, custom components and examples from the real-world projects. The procedure lasts 2×7 hours, the price of this weekend injection is $399 USD, which is cheaper than Botox and effect stays longer.
We are planning to run one such event a month and these are the first cities on our list are: Boston, San Francisco, Chicago and Philly.
If you believe that there might be an interest to such event in other cities, we’ll gladly consider your suggestions.

Yakov Fain, Adobe Certified Flex Instructor

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