AJAX reporting – challenges and solutions with Flex

Check out this article to see how two swf components (both written in Flex) can help AJAX folks with processing SOAP Web Services and incorporating professional looking reports into HTML/JavaScript pages. Now our Web reporter can get the data from any JavaScript array, from Web Services, from POJO using open sourced openAMF, and, of course from LiveCycle Data Services ES.

Yakov Fain

One thought on “AJAX reporting – challenges and solutions with Flex

  1. I would like to draw your attention to another alternative which is a paradigm shift for AJAX front ends. One should be aware that I am not, and do not pretend to be objective, never the less I believe that one can judge for himself. Visual WebGui is an open source rapid application development framework for graphic user interfaces of IT web applications. VWG replaces the obsolete paradigms of ASP.NET in both design-time and run-time which were designed for developing sites, with WinForms methodologies, which were designed for developing applications. Thus enabling designer that was designed for application interfaces (WinForms designer) instead of a word documents (ASP.NET designer). This provides the developer with an extremely efficient way to design interfaces using drag and drop instead of hand coding HTML. Visual WebGui is an AJAX frame work that doesn’t expose logic, data or open services on client requests and therefore is not as vulnerable as common AJAX solution.. VWG presentation layer is de-coupled and instead of standard browser it can, and will run Silverlight.
    NO!!! Visual Webgui is not!!
    Not a component library – It is a complete revised approach to developing web applications.

    not a JavaScript generator – It runs on the server controlling the browser using a small static JavaScript kernel.

    Not for developing sites – It was designed to provide for developing IT web applications GUIs.

    Not a closed / locked-in framework – It has many extensibility features, which allow integration of legacy resources (ASP.NET or DHTML resources) and the development of custom controls and behaviors.
    Worth a look at http://www.visualwebgui.com,

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